Monday, February 22, 2010

Family Pics

It was time for family pics again!

My beautiful children!

Happy Birthday John Jr!

Sunday Feb 21st we went to the Carty's to celebrate
John Jr's birthday!!
How tall is Kylie??? Much taller than her Gram!
My silly Jaycie and I!
Best cousins!

Love my mommy!
John's yummy taco pizza!
Everyone made personal pizzas and then we also had a couple
big ones...
Sweet Pork and Cilantro and Chicken BBQ.
Yummy!!! We had enough left over to open a pizzaria!
Jaycie loves her Gram!
Huh? Who me!
Big John!
Happy Birthday to you...
Johnny J!
Thanks for having us! It was tons of fun!
We love you!!

Brynklie's special night!

What's the best thing to do on a Friday night??
Hang out with the best kid in the whole world!
And that is just what I did!!! First we started with Brynklie's favorite
meal! Steak! The kid's got taste!!
Brynklie loves to take pictures too!
After we ate dinner, we danced in the dark with our glow sticks on!
Then we did make overs and nails!
What does this look like in the dark?
Just like this!
Cheers! This is Miss BJ after her make over! Too fun!
It's a good thing she won't be wearing makeup for a few years!
After make overs we got in our swim suits and got in the hot tub...
then we played hide and go seek in the dark with our glow sticks!
After we were all done running around having fun, we settled down for a movie
and oreos....
It was the best night ever! Love my girl!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

For Valentine's Day we always make cookies!
We made yummy sugar cookies with pink frosting and
Brynklie made a batch of chocolate chip cookies
all by herself!
This is Alex! He helped with the sugar cookies, he was just getting ready to leave
and take his cookies home....
He was a big helper!
Made with love!


On February 6th I went to Phantom with
my mom, Sandy, and Jackie!
It was AMAZING! We had a great time!
Before the show, we gorged ourselves on Italian food at our favorite
restaurant.... Maggiano's
This is Jackie! We had a great time!
Thanks Ladies for a great day!!!

Ice Skating!!

The Shotwell family loves to ice skate! Have you been to the new
Dixie Igloo??? We love it!
Gettin on the skates! That can be difficult!
Skyler is super skater! The boy belongs on a hockey team!

And the girls are definitly ice princess'

Watch for them in the next olympics!

Grandma is always a fun addition! Grandma Sandy loves to skate too!
Thanks grandma for taking us ice skating!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hanging out with Jax

Jax and I decided to have a special picnic in front of the fire...
Corn dogs especiale was on the menu...

Love my baby boy!
Then Jax made peanut butter cookies... all by himself!

What a guy! And he cooks too!
Rolling the cookies is fun!

But eating them is even better!
We had a fun night! Love hanging with my guy!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Bookends

This is what Jaxyn and Jaycie do for fun when they are together! They are the two slices of bread.... there's lots of good stuff in the middle too!
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Skyler and Cinders

Skyler has a new found love...
This is his horse Cinders....
Isn't he a handsome cowboy....
He spends alot of time out to the farm with Cinders. He is kind of an old horse,
but Sky loves him all the same.
Hard not to be proud of this kid! Why try!

From Point A to Point B

The new year found us on the move again....
Everyone showed up bright and early to get us going!
It was hard to find the motivation to start moving!
My mommy and I make a great team! I don't know what I'd have done without her!
It didn't take long to get things moved over... it was only up the street.
Skyler was a huge help... he's being camera shy.....
I had gone the night before and decorated. It was the best thing ever!
We got the furniture moved over and.... wa la! it was home!
Jaycie filling our new home with music... it even sounded like home!
The next day..... my mom and I headed to Vegas with my friend Lori for dinner!
I was so dang tired, but it was great for me to go! We had a great time! But you can't
beat the Cheesecake Factory and good company!